Take My Time

A new advisory model

Some time ago we started our journey with our customers and collaborators' support, and a firm intention: to make technology serve business. We focused on solving real use cases with technology as a tool and BuildValue as the expertising arm. We have always advocated that technology should be a medium and not an end by itself. We still remember those days when things were done "to test the technology", "because it's new" or because "it's fashionable".

With this aim in mind we opened this forum: to help and advise based on our experience, creativity and knowledge; to correctly apply technology and how to approach solutions for those business challenges in your day-by-day business.

Some time has passed by, and we have continued building expertise and accelerating projects, which leads us to announce that BuildValue Hub evolves to become a time reserve model that we have baptized as 'Take My Time'.


'Take My Time' is the fastest way to collaborate with BuildValue, being able to book our services in an agile and simple way.

The system is managed by NFT's packed in 1 or 2 hours blocks of technological and / or business advisory. Each month we will release the NFTs corresponding to the available advisory hours. Each NFT will contain a unique link to the corresponding time booking on the BuildValue calendar, so once acquired said NFT you can reserve our time. When making the reservation, indicate if the query refers to:

  • Business models
  • Productive models
  • Startups acceleration
  • Product viability
  • From idea to product
  • Time To Market acceleration
  • MVP definition
  • Collegue, University and Startup advisory
  • ...
  • Architectures
  • Cloud adoption
  • Sector standards
  • Innovation models
  • Methodology
  • MVP pilotage
  • Collegue, University and Startup advisory
  • ...

We offer comprehensive support and advisory for novelties & innovation, student projects for innovation, academic "start-ups" and university projects. Drop us a letter and ask us about our special conditions.